Garfield Lodge No. 50, A.F. & A.M.

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Filed under Centennial 1861-1961

The first meeting was held Feb. 8, 1882 under dispensation of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Colorado. There were present the following who were appointed to their respective stations and places: W. R. Howell, W.M.; T. R. Jones, S.W.; John Marshall, J.W.; R. J. Valkenburg, Treas.; Wm. O. Van Elten, Sec’y; J. J. Wharton, S.D.; E. Davis, J.D.; J. Brodie, S.S.; Charles Sharratt, J.S.; J. Knox, Tiler. Others were Allen McNamee, Wm. Barrowman and S. J. Plumb.

Charter dated Sept. 20, 1882. Signed by Frank Church, M.W.G.M.; Lewis H. Bowman, D.G.M.; W. M. Widderfield, S.G.W.; J. H. Peabody, J.G.W.; Edwin C. Parmelee, G. Sec’y. Charter members were: Wm. R. Howell, R. J. Valkenburg, Wm. Barrowman, T. R. Jones, Charles Sharratt, Joseph J. Morgan, Allen McNamee, John Bowker, John Marshall, George E. Grenfell, S. J. Plumb, E. A. Craft.

As far as can be ascertained the Brothers of Garfield Lodge No. 50 met in the Odd Fellows Hall in Erie, the same place in which they now meet.

Some of the old minute books are missing.

Late Brother Wm. Whiles was Grand Tiler in 1937.

Membership, 1960 81

Source: Grand Lodge of Colorado A.F. & A.M.

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